Beteseb Incorporate

Beteseb Incorporated is a non-profit & non-government organization that provides care for children from two different centers. There are about 20 children who live in two different houses; ten children in each house, ranging from the ages of 4 to 13. You can find Beteseb Incorporated at Lafto (just 5 minutes away from South West Academy or at Mebrat Haile around Fitsum Mulat church). 

The kids are very talented in mathematical problem solving, drawing, recitation, spelling and problem solving. Some of the activities they love participating in are reading picture books, playing on slides and swings, puzzles, playing hide  & seek, watching cartoon and spiritual movies and also just throwing around a balloon!

Most of the school aged kids like competitive games, arts and crafts, football, field trips, video games, and just sitting around and joking with each other. 

While they have material needs to achieve all of this like toys, balls, and funds to take them to visit museums and game zones they also need a smiling face, being loved, playing with younger, kids just like them.  The time you spend together with them will help create warm memories.

“We visit the kids at Beteseb Incorporated every Saturday as part of Love and Care for His little ones. Some of the activities that we help with include working with the children on homework and assignments (tutorials), story time, playing games, braiding their hair, flower care and handling, and also celebrating birthdays and holidays with them.  They are excited & feel good after being with us we are also enjoying spending our time with them. They eagerly wait for us every Saturday. If you would like to volunteer with us we welcome you!  They love learning new things and meeting new people.”


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