Ebenezer is a non-government organization which relies on regular volunteers for its operation. Though it's hard to know their number exactly because they are adopting out or bringing in new members of the family on a regular basis, at the time of writing this, there are about 7 children from  four to 12 years old. And there are also numerous infants. Ebenezer is found around the southern Mekanisa area. 

Some of the activities that the kids really enjoy are singing songs, playing various types of games, drawing, coloring, football, choreographic movement and gymnastics.

Every Saturday the children get to participate in these activities with some of the Love and Care Volunteers:. 
•Singing songs together
•telling stories
•playing with them
•celebrating birthdays and holidays 
Giving them what they need most....our Love.
“As we all know volunteering is an altruistic activity and is intended to promote goodness and improve the quality of human life. But what really kept us going is their LOVE.
Their smile when they see us, their sadness when we leave, their excitement when we are with them, the love that we could see written on their face, their curiosity, their enthusiasm to know really kept us going...
So if you want to be part of this family, you just have to have the time and of course willingness. It’s simple as that. Trust me even if you do it out of obligation just come and get to know them. I'm sure that you wouldn't want to leave. Just remember these kids really need your LOVE!!!!!”  Love and Care Volunteer.

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