Hope for the Fatherless was founded in 2016 by Belay T. Gebru ("Uncle Ben"). He began with a vision to see children thriving in families instead of being cared for in institutions. In March of 2017, we began our first small-group home, Hope House, with ten children. Today, HFTF is continuing this vision for family in three primary ways: 

SMALL GROUP HOMES: Currently, HFTF operates three children's homes: Hope House, Faith House, and Grace House. Each home serves around ten children and provides a safe, loving, peaceful environment where children can flourish.

DOMESTIC ADOPTION: Since 2018, HFTF has successfully facilitated the adoption of thirteen children and helped more than fifty families begin their adoption journey. Looking ahead, HFTF plans to begin our own foster to adopt program.

SPONSORSHIP: HFTFF also supports thirteen vulnerable children through sponsorship to enable them to remain in their families. Primarily, the program aims to cover all education expenses such as uniforms, supplies, tutors, and tuition in some cases.

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