Hope for the Hopeless Sululta

Hope for the Hopeless is a Christian orphanage located in Sululta, around 20 Kilo Meters away from Addis Ababa. This center has 56 kids in total, 36 males and 20 Females. The age group starts from 4 years old, and the oldest is 17 years old. Hope for the Hopeless was established just a few years back, to care for these kids, giving them basic needs such as food, cloth and shelter. Most importantly, there is a focus on raising them to grow with the fear and love of God. 

The kids are really fun and full of excitement. They love to play, sing, and dance and they love to be creative. Their compound is a beautiful area with green grass and clean environment so they are usually playing out door. Most of them are an outstanding students in their Education. They love to read, developing their information skills and striving for more success in their studies. 

Hope for the Hopeless kids love God with all of their hearts. It's amazing how they are passionate and eager to know God more and more at their young age.

They love to read the Bible, going to Church and praying. 

“Hope for the Hopeless kids are very welcoming. They respect and love whoever comes to visit them. They greet everyone with a full heart and open arms. They have a trend where they bless everyone who goes to see them. They are really blessed with such a beautiful heart. The love they show makes everyone come every day.” Love and Care Volunteer

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