“KVI: The pure hearts and the genuine smiles captured our hearts and we made a promise to ourselves that we wouldn’t refrain from visiting these beautiful kids time and again. It has been most beautiful getting to experience God’s love in a whole new way since day one of this ministry. We have taken responsibility for the kids at KVI and this is what we’ve been doing and plan to do ahead.”

The center is located at Gerji, behind Kadisco Hospital. We have 25 children of which 11 are teenagers, 6 are toddlers and 8 are infants. Our kids love sweets and to go out on trips. Furthermore, hate going to bed. Our children are mostly in need of clothing but shelter, food and education are provided for.

To begin with, we have separated the kids into two groups. We have ages from 4-10 in the first group and ages from 11-15 in the second group. We go to KVI every Saturday mornings and during the weekdays as much as possible.  On Saturday mornings, we teach our kids stories from the bible and songs of worship. During the weekdays, we take time to mainly fellowship with them.

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