Selam Children

Sele-Enat orphanage is found between Sarbet and Vatican embassy.  It is in a very convenient place for a taxi as we well as parking on site. There are around 50 orphan kids. Their age starts from infant to 18 years old. Most of the kids do speak Oromic. The boys love to play football, basketball and watch TV. The girls also love to play carts, braid each other's hair, manicure and pedicure. In addition both genders enjoy a long hug, play mobile games and watch TV shows. They are gifted with many kinds of talents. Few of the many talents are panting, playing football, poem, hand knitting, cooking and brewing gormet coffee. Our kinds are very amazing, disciplined, loving and full of simplicity. They just need our attention; that someone who can talk to them openly  and whom they can trust; moreover, who can bring the best out of them.

Mmoreover, who can bring the best out of them. It is hard for them when someone start coming and suddenly disappear from their lives. It makes them feel rejected and not cared for.

We would love to add many more volunteers who can help the kids in their education. Teach them different kind of languages, music instrument, sport, teach them about arts as well as who can develop their drawing abilities. Most importantly, a volunteer who has a heart to serve and committed to the kids. From our volunteering experience, there is no more such amazing, enjoyable and fun moments than spending time with these wonderful kids.

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