A typical Saturday morning in the month of August which many suspected it to be rainy and cloudy but turned out to be bright and sunny, the 22nd scheduled to be a blood donation day for orphans and vulnerable kids. 

The Red Cross Blood bank staff arrived at Morning Star mall at 9 o'clock as scheduled and set the benches and the stations for donation and registration. At the same time volunteers of Love and Care arrived and assisted in the setup.

The rest is history! A huge turn out of people, touched by the cause, volunteers of Love and Care, church youth, those who got the info on social media, workers and shoppers in the mall and passers by who heard the news from the announcer at the gate of the mall flocked to the temporary blood donation stations and gave their blood to His beloved little ones! 
In addition to the blood donation, we had the opportunity to speak to many about what we do in Love and Care.

A total of 144 donations were collected. We thank Morning star Mall, Angla Burger and Kayam Dessert for their collaboration.

All glory goes to God Almighty!

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