Christmas is the season during which Christians everywhere give thanks to God the Father for the birth of, Jesus Christ. Hope for the fatherless also celebrated this meaningful holiday with around 800 Orphans from 15 centers located in Addis Ababa and nearby cities. 


The carnival took place at a place called “Desta Meder “13 KM away from Addis Ababa on the way to Ambo on January 4th 2014 starting from morning the celebration was going with a good spirit, the kids enjoying their morning snack and running here and there made the place more beautiful than it was. Continuing their arrival and the snack program Zema for Christ took the stage with beautiful worship and Carols. The word of God was also preached to the kids by Ato Shiferaw Wolde Michael.

Lunch was served at 1:00 as scheduled after that, kids on their age groups played different entreating games and enjoyed their afternoon. As Christmas is also a season of exchanging gifts the kids also received their Christmas gifts. With a great a smile on their face and with a huge hug from all of them we ended the carnival with a treat of ice-cream and put each kid to their bus and send them to their places.

This event could not have been possible if it were not for the happy and faithful volunteers of hope for the fatherless, and also the very great cooperation and help from the Desta Mender management and those who supported us financially from all over the world. We would like to show our deepest gratitude for everyone that helped us with their prayers, thoughts and financially. May the lord bless you us you blessed us with more. Your little deeds for his little ones will be counted up there.


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