Don't judge us if we are out of words to explain how worthy our God is of our praises as He continued to amaze us in what He does through us all. This last Saturday January 2nd, 2016 was a day of celebration to all of us in Love and Care and all the kids from all the 17 centers we visit as we held the annual Christmas carnival at Hope University.
The day began in a sunny morning as we welcomed the kids when they arrived on their buses and classified them in to their respective age groups and treated them with muffins and juice. Some of our volunteers turned the face of the little kids in to colorful little animals and superheroes when they did the face painting. 

Upon arrival of all, all of us went into the big auditorium to worship, hear the word and watch as kids from different centers presented songs and choreography. 

Mesky (Meskerem Getu) opened the program in prayer and proceeded into worship alongside with Hope Kazanchis kids. Then kids from CHA School sang a beautiful Christmas song. Yohanna, one of our volunteer, shared from the word of God and followed by presentations by Moria, Ebenezer, Hope Sululita and AHope little kids. Finally Beza youth choir took the stage to give the morning session an upbeat conclusion.

Angla Burgers were served for lunch with soft drinks unless for some who didn't eat meat, only to be served with Makida Hailu’s amazing homemade rice. 

After lunch kids enjoyed group games with their respective age groups. Teenagers were back in the auditorium playing mixers and upfront games, while the other two age groups were outside enjoying different games and bouncing castle. 

When the carnival was pushing towards the end each kids received a gift of either a wrist watch or a pair of shoes. A wrist watch was given to the kids who will receive a Flat screen TV for their center, where as shoes were given to the ones who already own TVs at their center and chose to get shoes instead.


We are in great awe as God has always been faithful to provide for what he has put in our hearts to give to the kids. At last we would like to thank and say God bless you to all who have part taken in this ministry in any direction specially Beza International Church. You are blessings to us to bless the kids. Let all the Glory be to God. Amen.


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