God has once again been so faithful us; He never ceases to amaze us! On Saturday April 16th 2016 we had our annual Easter Carnival for our beautiful kids at Desta Mender and guess what? It was AWESOME! 

The morning started out being a little cloudy but eventually the sun showed up and so did happy and excited faces that lit up the world just like the Sun. We welcomed the kids, classified them into their respective age groups and immediately went down to business: Breakfast! They had juice and donuts and were pumped up and ready to go for the great day ahead of them. Furthermore there was face painting and the kids were suddenly turned into superheroes, little animals and anything else they wanted by our keen volunteers. Oh and we can’t forget the latex animal modeling balloons! It was no surprise to see a bunch of kids with balloon shaped animals in their hands or others who decided it would be best fit to wear them as crowns over their heads.

When everybody was there, we gathered to have our worship time. We had a great time with guest singers Tewodros Tadesse and Biniyam Walelign who led us in Worship with Dawit Getachew’s band. We also had one of our volunteers, Wost, beautifully share the Word of God with us. Afterwards we had choreographs and songs from Bring Love, Hope Bethel, KVI and Selam Children’s village. Finally Zema 4 Christ and Beza kid’s choir took the stage and gave us a remarkable conclusion to the morning session. 

Desta mender’s great injera be wot was served for lunch along with soft drinks. After lunch was game time! We had bouncing castles for the little ones and breathtaking circus acts for the rest of the kids. In between the acts we had the kids play hilarious games hosted by one of our Volunteers Deme. 

As the Carnival started drawing to a close, we gave MNS bath towels as a gift for each kid and finally treated them with some delicious ice cream.

The God that we serve is so good! His love is relentless and He just keeps on pouring it out on these kids and never fails to provide for them. With His help and His alone, we were able to give these kids a wonderful Easter celebration. Thank you to all, who in one way or another helped make this Carnival a reality. May God bless you for He will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you helped his little ones and continue to help them.


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