Memories of our events

One of the greatest blessings that can be bestowed upon an individual is to be able to grow up in a family, knowing that they are loved and cared for. The other blessing and wisdom is to be able to share that love with those who didn’t get to experience it. That is precisely what we witnessed on July 18th 2015 at Selam children’s village.

The love and care team in collaboration with Character Hallmark Academy (CHA) organized a day of fun, singing and games at Selam children’s village with the motto “Be a friend and share your love”. The aim was to let the kids from CHA share the love that was given to them growing up in a family with children that are growing up in an institution. 


We started our event around 10 am by singing with Beza Kid’s choir. Afterward, we had a snack time during which the children from CHA were paired with their age mates in Selam. We had a bumpy start because we didn’t have the same amount of boys and girls which made the pairing a little challenging and some kids a little shy. The kids were then able to exchange gifts and get to know each other; it was heartwarming to see them socializing. Finally, we wrapped up our event with different games that enabled the kids to bond some more. God gave us such a wonderful time, we hope and pray that a lifelong friendship between the kids will be born from this event.


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