Memories of our events

July 4th 2015 , 8:00 am in the morning, around 40 volunteers were meeting at Meskel square to go to Sululta to visit the kids at Hope for the Hopeless Center. We went there to create a lifelong friendship and to be their mentor. Everybody was excited and couldn't wait to meet these wonderful kids. On our way, we were playing, singing, laughing and bringing the spirit early. We started our drive around 9:30 am and arrived there around 10:30 am.

We started entering the compound one by one and we saw these beautiful and overwhelming smiles from the kids. They were lined up and were waiting to give us a warm welcome. What a joy it was for us to witness this happiness. After the warm welcome, we were all paired into two and had an introduction time. We were asking one another our names, hobbies, talents, what we like and what we hate, our current status on life and many more questions. After that, we all came together and started introducing ourselves and our friends to the majority in radnom numbers. It was really fun and interesting time. After the introduction, we sang songs that talked about God's love and His protection. Next was time for God's word. One of our volunteer named Wost shared with us a wonderful word that was short and simple but a powerful message and the kids were really participating when questions were raised. We then headed to a yummy lunch. After lunch was over, we were divided in to different groups to have a group discussion about important topics like being a teenage and it's difficulties, how we can sustain our relationship with God while we are in our youth, challenges we face in this age and we also shared our own experiences.

After the group discussion, one selected kid from every group was sharing what they have talked in their groups. We all learned from the kids and the kids also learned from us. Some groups even shared their ideas with a small drama and it was fun and creative.

After the group discussion, it was time for game! There were different kind of games that involved everybody and some games that involved some groups. It was such a funny and crazy time with everyone playing and having lots of fun. 


Finally, it was time to go. We all exchanged addresses and promised to keep in touch with our new friends and we took a group picture. One of the center's manager gave us an English and Amharic Bible as a gift to say thank you and prayed while we were all holding hands in circle. Last but not least, the kids blessed us and it was such an overwhelming moment to see them praying for us. Finally, we all said our good byes and headed to the bus to start our drive back to Addis.


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