Easter Carnivals

Memories of our events

God is raising a generation for worship in action!

What a great weekend in Hawassa,! We had the first Carnival for Orphans that came from 5 different centers. It is organized by Love and Care Hawassa team which consists of young Christian brothers and sisters from different evangelical churches of Hawassa in the compound of Tabor Evangelical school , These volunteers have a tender heart for Orphan kids living in Hawassa and they have been visiting them on weekly basis for the last three month. God is raising young generation everywhere for his glory to show His love for his beloved and precious kids who don't have family who looks after them. God is a father to the fatherless!. What a blessing to be a witness of Gods work. Praise be to God our father who make us His sons and daughters, Now we got the privilege to share the love our father in heaven showed us on the cross by giving His precious son Jesus.

Hawassa family of LOVE and CARE keep up the True Worship (James 1:27) We are called to proclaim Gods Love and Goodness. We have been blessed by what we sow in you. Keep this good heart.


Let the grace of God be with you and give you more wisdom as you serve His little ones. Let all the glory be to God!


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