Ye-Amlak Ljoch Aras Bet

Ye-Amlak Lijoch Foundation is a God-driven vision conceived in the heart and mind of a ten year- old lad. The visionary already left to his eternal home at the age of 23, thirteen years after he received this vision. The foundation aims at creating a long-lasting legacy in the memory of Yami and carry on his childhood mission of helping orphans and street children.Ye-Amak Lijoch Aras Bet (YeAB) is one of the four pillars under the umbrella of Ye-Amlak Lijoch Foundation (YLF). The program reaches birth term pregnant mothers in need to help them towards safe delivery. It also facilitates a safe home for the mothers and kids for the first six months of their breastfeeding. This significantly is believed to reduce maternal and infant mortality as well as child abandonment.

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