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Dawit Getachew


God has changed my life to unexplainable joy and peace by His Love. My life has never been the same since I understand this unconditional LOVE of God which makes Him worthy to be praised and worshiped. He, inspire and thought me how to love the forgotten and the fatherless, as He did the same for me. The more I got closer to God I hear Him saying "I love you my son forever, and I want you to tell for others too, that I LOVE and Care for them" it's God’s love which makes me to walk in this path…the LOVE path. As we grow in understanding God’s love, it will inspire and teach us to Love and Care for the forgotten and for all human kind.

The system of this world has deceived humanity from Love. It's painful to see kids living without a family. Let alone without family, this world is still very challenging for those who are leaving with their family and loved ones, it’s so hard to think of this orphans kids(heart breaking),But God will raise the orphans in a family.

So, It gives me joy and remind me how I am loved and worthy whenever I serve this precious but abandoned and forgotten orphans kids. And when I realized that God consider it as an act of worshipping Him, it makes me even more excited and joyful. The more I understand the Love of God, the more I stretch my hand for worship in action.

Because I have seen the maximum of love by My father God through Christ I share with those who are in lack and need of love. A person who UNDERSTANDS how he has been LOVED knows how to worship God in action.

Rahel Asheber


What has happened to me and my family is my first inspiration to serve orphans.  I got the burden to serve orphan kids the day we adopted our first daughter Nafkote then after our son Hiruy. God lead us the way to serve orphans because of them. The blessing of God showered on us keeps me running each day and I see all kids in orphanage’s  the way I see my kids. I keep on reminding myself this was where my kids belong if they were not adopted. I then sense the need for love in each one of them, the need for loving father and mother. My  heart melts whenever we do our visit every time. We saw the need for love and care in their eyes. It is my daily prayer that these kids will get unconditional love through adoption.



I am so grateful and thankful for the priceless and unconditional love, grace, care, help i received from God and from others, i have been given so much in life, I volunteer to give back to my community.

And also I volunteer because I like helping people, to share my love,time and talents with others, to learn something new, It’s a lot of fun, to get  satisfaction, to meeting different people from different backgrounds,and it reminds me how lucky I am.

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace: 1 Peter 4:10

Betty Beteseb

The first and most reason for me to volunteer in Love & Care is, because it is one of the ways I worship God, as the Bible says in James 1:27 “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans …….”. Secondly, I believe KIDS, especially orphans, should be LOVED. I love them, I love to spend my days with them and share Christ Love. Love & Care focuses on fulfilling the emotional needs of the children being visited and that is what they are really in need of beyond their physical needs. Love & Care helped me to know that I am responsible to love orphans, to create an attachment and build relationship with them. Childhood is the best stage to shape attitude. As children’s mind is like blank paper, I want to write ‘LOVE’ on it, believing that I am going to see ‘LOVE’ overflowing from every child’s mind and heart. I also believe Children are the most important values in the world. The children now growing are the one who will receive and lead the world in the future. Because I want to see a better world tomorrow, I invest on today’s children. They are our futures. In addition to all the above, volunteering in Love & Care, is a great opportunity for me to put in to practice what is already in my heart, working for the best of children is my passion. I feel a great fulfillment every time I go back home after spending time with the kids.

Redi(Difoye) AHope

Why do I volunteer?

Few friends and I went to this orphanage on a Saturday morning. It was my first time going to an orphanage. So I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know how to approach the children I would meet. All I knew was that I love kids. All plans for the program with the kids went accordingly. We sang along, played along, prayed along, and had a wonderful time. 

I had sat carrying a little boy named Dawit. Unfortunately, Dawit was sick that morning. He was quiet throughout the program but as we were about to leave, he managed to ask me a question which stuck with me till this day. “Will you come again?”  

Of all the questions in the world, this child asked to see us again. It was not a lot to ask. It was just a need of a hug, a need to be held, and loved. That question made me want to volunteer for the rest of my days.

Bemni KVI
Addis Hiwot (Tishu)

As they say, to whom much is given, much is expected, I have been Blessed with a family that raised me to be a better person, friends that loves and support me and most of all a Heavenly Father who loves me unconditionally and takes good care of me. These are the Blessings I'm surrounded with and I want to share this with people that are in such need. I love sharing what I've been shared, give what I have  received and love as I was loved. 

I found a way to do all of these things by volunteering in love and care for His little ones. For me, volunteering is sharing my time, money, knowledge, love and care as it was shared for me. I have seen these little kids being loved and taken care of and it gives me so much joy and satisfaction to see a smile on their faces. I am so thankful and lucky to be a part of this amazing work of God. I thank Him for letting me serve Him by serving His little ones. 

Whatever you did for one of the least of these, you did it for ME!

Matthew 25:40 

Addis Hiwot (Tishu) Berhan Yehun

I volunteer at love and care to share the Love and Joy that GOD put in my heart. Sharing does not need to have anything, it only needs a heart that is willing to share. I believe and feel that the love and joy of Christ overflows from our heart. I want to share what’s in my heart and impact the life of one soul that feels lost. Love is contagious driving force of life. Orphaned children get their physical needs from the organizations that support them. But these organizations cannot address the emotional needs of children by sharing love. I volunteer to feel this gap and put a smile on a child whenever I can!


The reasons that I'm in love and care are three things. The first one is I want to worship God as it is written in James 1:27 i.e. religion as it is expressed in outward acts. This worship is pure and unblemished in the sight of God the Father. My worship in action is to visit and help and care for the orphans and widows in their affliction and need. My second reason is, it gives me joy and satisfaction when I see the children we visit. The third one is volunteers in love and care are are so inspiring. Their heart to God and the children encourage me to do more. God bless you all.  

Mercy Zema 4 Christ
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